Supporting data for -

Global change in the functional diversity of marine fisheries catches over the past 65 years

We sourced the trait data from the FishBase database and used code provided by Villeger et al in combination with catch data sourced from the Sea Around Us in order to calculate the coordinates of each species in functional space by LME. We sourced the composition of species by LME using AquaMaps

File containing trait data for fish species

File containing species for each LME by class

File containing catch data for each LME for 13 five year periods between 1950 and 2014

Combined file after first stage of work flow process (see Fig. S3A in supplementary materials)

File containing standardised slopes of the three functional diversity indices and biomass of catch for each LME

Code to calculate functional indices for each LME (uses multidimFD function from Villeger)

R markdown containing plots and code used in manuscript

R markdown containing plots illustrating regression and autocorrelation analyses

File containing summary statistics for regression analyses