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A comparison of benthic biodiversity in the North Sea. English Channel and Celtic Seas 1347 records
IOW Macrozoobenthos monitoring Baltic Sea (1980-2005) (EurOBIS) 3587 records
Benthos of the White Sea - A database 7452 records
Zoobenthos data from the Southern Beaufort Sea. 1971-1975 (ArcOD/AOOS) 2133 records
Marine Nature Conservation Review (MNCR) and associated benthic marine data held and managed by JNCC 398501 records
EPA'S EMAP Database 173040 records
North Pacific Groundfish Observer (North Pacific Research Board) 419940 records
Great Barrier Reef Seabed Biodiversity Study 2003-2006 (CMAR_ANACC) 93707 records
National Benthic Infaunal Database (NOAA NBI) 111354 records
SOTEAG Rocky Shore Survey (Sullom Voe) 91491 records
MACROBEL Long term trends in the macrobenthos of the Belgian Continental Shelf 15901 records
Coastal ecological data from the Virginian Biogeographic Province 1990 to 1993 13184 records
Zoobenthos data from the Southern Beaufort Sea. 1971-1975 (ArcOD/AOOS) 60 records
St. M polychaete species time-series 1730 records
Megafauna PAP time series 563 records
Megafauna Sta M time series 350 records
Faunal communities and habitat characteristics of the Big Bend seagrass meadows 2009–2010 5029 records
A multi-decade time series of kelp forest community structure at San Nicolas Island California. 27697 records