We need YOUR support to maintain BioTIME

  • to ensure that BioTIME remains up to date and freely available
  • to train the next generation of biodiversity scientists
  • to secure data from poorly studied regions and under-represented groups of plants and animals

Please consider sponsoring BioTIME

£100 GBP will sponsor a BioTIME time series

£1000 GBP will help us secure data from a poorly studied region

£50,000 GBP will pay for a BioTIME data manager and infrastructure for 1 year

£100,000 GBP will train a biodiversity scientist from a country rich in biodiversity, but with limited economic resources, to PhD level

Any contributions regardless of size would be greatly appreciated

For any further info, please email biotimeproj@st-andrews.ac.uk

BioTIME is an open access resource, free to anyone, anywhere in the world to use for education, research or conservation. However, the future of the BioTIME database, and its continued availability as a resource for ecologists around the world, depends on our ability to raise funds to secure it over the coming years. If you will be using BioTIME data in a funded research project, please contribute to our running costs. Or, if you are writing a grant proposal for work that will draw on the BioTIME database, please include a contribution to these running costs in your budget. To contribute, or for advice on wording to be included in a grant application, please contact us here. Your support is greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged on the BioTIME website.