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Number of records

Windstorm disturbance without patch dynamics twelve years of change in a Minnesota forest 1406 records
Mapped quadrats in sagebrush steppe long-term data for analyzing demographic rates and plant to plan 8034 records
Forest Census Plot on Barro Colorado Island 2429 records
Pasoh Forest Dynamics Plot. Malaysia - Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute 3292 records
Mudumalai Forest Dynamics Plot. India - Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute 225 records
Long-term growth mortality and regeneration of trees in permanent vegetation plots in the Pacific No 37350 records
Vegetation Plots of the Bonanza Creek LTER Control Plots Species Count (1975 - 2004) 1157 records
Experiment 133 - Effect of Burning Patterns on Vegetation in the Fish Lake Burn Compartments - Shrub 5973 records
HF044. Land Use on the Southern New England and New York Coasts 1600-2001 1870 records
Forest Inventory of a Northern Hardwood Forest Watershed 6 4815 records
Forest Inventory of a Northern Hardwood Forest Watershed 5 2823 records
Pinon Juniper Net Primary Production Quadrat Data from the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge New Me 5288 records
Pinon-Juniper (Core Site) Quadrat Data for the Net Primary Production Study at the Sevilleta Nationa 15561 records
Sherman Forest Dynamics Plot Panama 947 records
Lac Croche understory vegetation data set (1998 to 2006) 1030 records
Long-term N-fertilized vegetation plots on Hog Island Virginia Coastal Barrier Islands 1992 to 2014 8508 records
Evidence for long-term shift in plant community composition under decadal experimental warming 1032 records
Multi-decade. spatially explicit population studies of canopy dynamics in Michigan old-growth forest 2915 records
Experimental evidence of reduced diversity of seedlings due to climate modification in a Mediterrane 76 records
Long-term mapped quadrats from Kansas prairie demographic information for herbaceaous plants 147201 records
Patterns and processes affecting the dynamics and structure of seasonally semideciduous forests in S 12412 records
The influence of environmental variables on tree species component dynamics in a montane forest frag 2529 records
Cape of Good Hope Permanent Plots 4834 records
Kellogg LTER seed bank 2084 records
Mangrove Forest Growth from the Shark River Slough Everglades National Park (FCE) South Florida from 93 records
Forest destructuring as revealed by the temporal dynamics of fundamental species - Case study of San 789 records
Temporal evaluation of natural regeneration in a semi-deciduous forest in Pirenopolis. Goias. Brazil 237 records
Temporal evaluation of natural regeneration in a semi-deciduous forest in Pirenopolis. Goias. Brazil 727 records
Temporal evaluation of natural regeneration in a semi-deciduous forest in Pirenopolis. Goias. Brazil 1591 records
Twenty years tree demography in an undisturbed Dipterocarp permanent sample plot at Uppangala Wester 2397 records
Above ground plant biomass in a mesic acidic tussock tundra experimental site from 1982 to 20000 Too 14003 records
Long term monitoring and experimental manipulation of a Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem near Portal Ariz 35978 records
Small Mammal Exclosure Study (SMES) Vegetation Data from the Chihuahuan Desert 1608 records
Brazil Dataset 2 184 records
Brazil Dataset 3 180 records
Brazil Dataset 4 118 records
Brazil Dataset 5 84 records
Monitoring experiences at the Atlantic rainforest biome using permanent plots. 16900 records
Flooded forest plot sampling in Peru 906 records
La Planada Forest Dynamics Plots 345 records
Plant Species Composition on Selected Watersheds at Konza Prairie 580983 records
Long-term stem inventory data from tropical rain forest plots in Australia 14938 records
Boubin 24 records
Cahnov-Soutok 40 records
Milesice 14 records
Mionsi-V 12 records
Mionsi-R 12 records
Mionsi-C 15 records
Ranspurk 49 records
Razula 18 records
Salajka 18 records
Stozec 29 records
Velka Ples 40 records
Zakova hora 26 records
Zofin 24 records
Doutnac 44 records
Polednik 11 records
Polom 31 records
V Kluci 15 records
Jirina 17 records
Kohoutov 21 records
Brazil Dataset 7 575 records
Brazil Dataset 8 697 records
Short-term changes caused by fire and mowing in Brazilian Campos grasslands with different long-term 841 records
Mosses (obj) from the Bavarian Forest logged 633 records
Mosses (soil) from the Bavarian Forest logged 739 records
Plants from the Bavarian Forest logged 875 records
Prescribed Burn Effect on Chihuahuan Desert Grasses and Shrubs at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Re 37979 records
Fourteen years of mapped permanent quadrats in a northern mixed prairie 2350 records
ITEX Dataset 1 - Abisko (Wet, Dry, Peatland), Kanger (Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy) and Kilpisjarvi 2553 records
ITEX Dataset 2 - Wolfcreek 543 records
ITEX Dataset 3 - Bylot (Mesprairie and Mespolygon) 452 records
ITEX Dataset 4 - Qhi (He and Ko) 640 records
ITEX Dataset 5 - Teberda (Malaya Alpine-Snowbed and Geranium Hedysarum Meadow) 6445 records
ITEX Dataset 6 - Atqasuk (AW, AD) and Barrow (BW, BD) 9136 records
ITEX Dataset 7 - Akureyri (GA66, MD72, SB63, SY59), Blonduos (SD33, SD34), Dalsmynni (AG4, KD24, KD2 6325 records
ITEX Dataset 8 - Valbercla (Alpine) 761 records
ITEX Dataset 9 - Alexfiord (Levdolomite, Levgranite) and Sverdrup 536 records
ITEX Dataset 10 - RMBL 347 records
ITEX Dataset 11 - Finse (Ridge) 3266 records
ITEX Dataset 12 - Finse (Slope) 1053 records
ITEX Dataset 13 - Toolik (Dry, Moist) 1450 records
ITEX Dataset 14 - Toolik (LTER Heath, LTER Moist acidic tussock, LTER non-acidic tussock, LTER wet s 797 records
ITEX Dataset 15 - Sadvent (MES-cover, MES-photo, wet-cover, wet-photo) 486 records
ITEX Dataset 16 - Finse (Nfinse, Ridge cover) 778 records
ITEX Dataset 17 - Dovre (Kuntshoe) and Faroe (Sornfelli) 1703 records
ITEX Dataset 18 - Alpine plots (Sonja Wipf) 1967 records
ITEX Dataset 19 - Teberda (Festuca Varia Grassland, Malaya Alpine Lichen-Heath) 24350 records
ITEX Dataset 20 - Torngats (Nakvakdry, Nakvakwet) 913 records
Long-term tree demography in old-growth forests of Huron Mts, MI from permanent-plot censuses, 1962- 6042 records
ITEX Dataset 21 - Sadvent (MES-Pointframe, Wet-Pointframe) 457 records
ITEX Dataset 22 - Toolik (Imnavait, Tussockgrid) 13374 records
The Hundt 2001 data - Rudolf Hundt 1133 records
Mosses (obj) from the Bavarian Forest unlogged 565 records
Mosses (soil) from the Bavarian Forest unlogged 690 records
Plants from the Bavarian Forest unlogged 687 records