Guidelines for contributing to StoryTIME

With BioTIME, we acknowledge the importance of monitoring biodiversity and the effort scientists put into it, so we are celebrating people collecting ecological data by sharing their stories from the field. If you enjoyed our stories and would like to share yours, please find our submission guidelines below.



We are seeking to share stories that are of unique fieldwork experiences scientists have.

Because collecting ecological data means spending large amounts of time in direct contact with nature, many interesting observations and reflections are made while in the field. Field ecologists usually have fun anecdotes or stories of little unplanned adventures from when fieldwork didn't go exactly as planned. They could also have a breakthrough or feel like the moment they just lived was unique. If the story you have from fieldwork falls within these broad categories, then consider contributing it! Here you can find the stories we collected so far.


It's your story, so please feel free to use the first-person.

Stories must be written in English and have a maximum length of 650 words. We welcome and encourage the contribution of pictures that complement the story.

Sign the story with your name and add your personal page and/or Twitter tag if available. We'll link your name to your webpage in our website, and use your Twitter handle when we tweet about your story.

As part of our open data policy, we'd like StoryTIME contributors to agree on an open license (CC-BY 4.0 or CC-BT NC 4.0) for the use of the content they provide. Please check here for more information and to make sure that you are happy with the conditions.


Once we receive your story and assess that the content matches with StoryTIME, your story will be sent to Evgeni Matveev, the project copyeditor. The editing makes sure the story flows well, is free of grammatical errors, and that all storyTIME stories have a similar feel. He will engage with you to ensure you are happy with the editing and we'll only publish it on our website upon your consent.

Once the story goes live on our website, we'll send you the link to the webpage and will tweet about it from the BioTIME account (@bioTIMEdb). If other people are mentioned in the story and you'd like them tagged in the Twitter thread we'll make about your story, please provide their tags as well.


If you want to contribute a story or have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us