BioTIME Highlights

01.01.21:   We enter 2021 with more than 2000 overall downloads from BioTIME.

01.10.20:   The BioTIME core team just got bigger! Cher just joined the team bringing fresh, coloured and exciting ideas to the table.

04.09.20:   Anne mentioned BioTIME as well during her talk at the II Workshop of Community Ecology.
                    Anne's talk is available here.

01.09.20:   Maria presented some findings from her work with BioTIME data at the II Workshop of Community Ecology.
                    Her talk is available here.

29.07.20:    A new paper, led by Faith Jones and entitled 'Recent increases in assemblage rarity
                    are linked to increasing local immigration' is published in Royal Society Open Science.

07.07.20:    BioTIME presented its updates and developments at the GEO BON Open Science Conference. Recording available here.

19.06.20:   A new paper , entitled 'Landscape-scale forest loss as a catalyst of population and biodiversity change'
                    and led by Gergana Daskalova, is published in Science.

04.05.20:   Exciting new paper 'Temperature-related biodiversity change across temperate marine
                   and terrestrial systems.' is published in Nature Ecology & Evolution

01.04.20:   BioTIME is growing! New staff join the team. Ada, Cerren and Vivi join the
                    BioTIME core team bringing lots of fresh, exciting ideas for progression.

01.04.20:   The Leverhulme Trust Research Centre - the Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity started supporting BioTIME.

02.12.19:   Anne is invited to present at ERC Europe - Sustainable future: Contribution of frontier
                    research. She discusses her ERC grants (Advanced and Proof of Concept)and talks
                    about biodiversity, BioTIME and how the database is helping to inform the direction of
                    research and the challenges we face.

10.11.19:   New paper 'Temporal β diversity—A macroecological perspective' is featured in the
                   Macroecology 30th Anniversary Edition of Global Ecology & Biogeography

18.10.19:   Exciting new paper using BioTIME out in Science with accompanying perspective

08.10.19:   Anne is interviewed on The Life Scientist on BBC Radio 4, to listen to the
                    programme click here

07.10.19:   To date, BioTIME has had over 1500 downloads from this site

02.10.19:   Maria is invited to give a talk at Santa Fe Institute

26.09.19:   Anne discusses how biodiversity responds to human impacts on a global scale as
                    well as from a guppy’s perspective at the annual Poeciliid Conference in Mexico.

10.09.18:   BioTIME is featured in the top 5 research tools for the week of 3rd September on LabWorm

07.09.18:   To date, BioTIME has had over 250 downloads from this site

24.07.18:   BioTIME data paper is published in GEB

10.07.18:   BioTIME is discussed at the BES Quantiative Meeting by Maria in her lightning talk and is
                    also featured in the poster session for the BES Macroecology Meeting