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Brazil Dataset 2

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Realm: Terrestrial
Climate: Tropical
Biome: Tropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas and shrublands
Central latitude: -22.701100
Central longitude: -50.517200
Duration: 3 years, from 1992 to 2010

184 records

69 distinct species

Across the time series Chrysophyllum gonocarpum is the most frequently occurring species


Durigan, G. “Brazil Dataset 2”, Instituto Florestal, Floresta Estadual de Assis. Accessed 2016.


Trees were sampled in a 30x100m plot in 3 years at Fazenda Berrante Assis municipality S?o Paulo Brazil. All trees with diameter at the breast height ? 5cm were sampled within a plot. Vegetation type: Atlantic Forest seasonal semideciduous forest from 0-30 m distant from the margins of a small stream. Landscape conditions: a small fragment of 03 ha surrounded by pasture eucalypt and sugar cane isolated for about a century the closest fragment (also very small) at a distance of 1300m. Trees were sampled in a continuum 30x100m plot in 3 years. Unit of abundance = IndCountInt, Unit of biomass = NA