Dataset 370

Monitoring site 1000 coastal zone research - Algae survey permanent quadrats

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Realm: Marine
Climate: Temperate
Biome: Temperate shelf and seas ecoregions
Central latitude: 36.700797
Central longitude: 137.260754
Duration: 7 years, from 2008 to 2014

2917 records

159 distinct species

Across the time series Corallinales is the most frequently occurring species


II. Data set Overview: Overview of the survey - We conduct the annual survey from fiscal 2009. And research time has been set to September from May as a general rule. ? In fiscal 2008 Shizugawa Awaji Yura at Satsuma Nagashima site experimental investigation has been carried out. For this reason and since fiscal 2009 data we might study when and how is different. Italy Beans Shimoda Takeno site is from 2009 Muroran site has launched an investigation from the 2011 fiscal year. Site number of algae field survey in 2014 time is 6 site. ? In each site the permanent rectangular frame survey aimed at observing the fate of seaweed annually in the same place once we conduct a line survey to understand the zonation of seaweed in the waters. ? Square- frame is used in permanent square frame survey as permanent square frame of 2 m ? 2 m used in the line survey. There are two types of 50 cm ? 50 cm square frame of the to be. ? For emerging seaweed species and the cover degree it has been recorded separately in the canopy and undergrowth.1 - Permanent square seaweed species that appeared in the frame with the data associated with that to the degree and it (permanent square frame survey). - A permanent square frame three to six installed at each site the main plant species names and the degree of growth in the square frame within were recording.2 - The seaweed species that appeared in the square frame in the data associated with that to the degree and it (line survey). - From a defined starting point toward the offing to set the research lateral line it was generally placed at regular intervals of 10 to have to record the main plant species names and their severity which appeared in the 20 or so square frame.Coverage: appearance species of the degree (%) ? Emergence species of the degree of 2 m ? per 2 m value - 5% in units ? In the case of less than 5% represented by +? Unit of abundance = NA, Unit of biomass = Cover


Monitoring Site 1000 Project, Biodiversity Center, Ministry of Environment of Japan (2015) “Monitoring site 1000 Coastal zone research - Algae survey” (, downloaded from Accessed 2016.