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Village survey Medium and large mammal survey data

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Realm: Terrestrial
Climate: Temperate
Biome: Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests
Central latitude: 37.071487
Central longitude: 137.151876
Duration: 8 years, from 2005 to 2012

22347 records

25 distinct species

Across the time series Nyctereutes procyonoides is the most frequently occurring species


Monitoring Site 1000 Project, Biodiversity Center, Ministry of Environment of Japan (2014) “Monitoring site 1000 Village survey - Medium and large mammal survey data (2006-2012)” (SAT03zip, downloaded from Accessed 2016.


Data set Overview: The data is the data obtained by using the infrared sensor cameras that are carried out in the Satochi investigation medium -sized and large mammals Survey?.? Of the nationwide about 200 locations of the study site it is the data that was obtained in all 50 sites that were carried out mammal research. This is in roughly the first phase includes the core site which launched an investigation from ( to 2005 ) and a general site that started the investigation into the second phase (2008 to 2012 ) the start of the year of the Ya investigation year that was able to implement the survey will vary from site to site?.Overview of Research Methodology: with infrared sensor film three cameras in each site (Koasai DOO set up a maximum of five) and then taken over the 5 to 10 around May. The film Replace once a month. Sensor cameras are installed in the forest of each site it has been installed respectively away lowest 100m. Please refer to the study manual for details of the research methodology. - Survey Manual: http: // (?). For the position information of each site Please refer to the Data: DataSite.xls. For the latitude and longitude is basically you to accuracy of up to the fourth decimal place It recorded but because on the site you cannot publish a detailed location information for reasons of nature conservationFor it is to the public up to the first decimal place. Detailed location information for each camera has not been recorded in this data set to be published this time. All the cameras have been installed within the range of about 100ha in most of the site. sensor The camera is basically has been established as a fixed point is changed in the middle by the situation in the field Unit of abundance = IndCountInt, Unit of biomass = NA