Dataset 84

Macroalgae of the Crimean coastal zone (Black Sea. 1967-2007)

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Realm: Marine
Climate: Temperate
Biome: Temperate shelf and seas ecoregions
Central latitude: 44.948645
Central longitude: 33.752702
Duration: 11 years, from 1967 to 2007

5070 records

104 distinct species

Across the time series Ceramium virgatum is the most frequently occurring species


The main aim of the dataset is preparing the available data by diversity of the Black Sea macroalgae. which were collected the scientists from IBSS around Crimean coast of the Ukrainian shelf during last 40 years. The species diversity is described from 43 transects. 180 stations at 0.1 - 25 m depth. Unit of abundance = AggregatedPresence, Unit of biomass = NA


Milchakova, N. A., Ryabogina, V. G. & Chernyshova, E. B. (2011) "Macroalgae of the Crimean coastal zone (the Black Sea, 1967-2007)". Sevastopol, IBSS. Available at:, accessed 2012.