Real life stories from scientists in the field

Guilherme Bortolotto
Penguins, penguins everywhere!

Amelia Penny
Field work in parallel worlds

Claire Davies and Anthony Richardson
Plankton sampling at North Stradbroke

Kyle Zawada
My Hipster Lockdown (before it was cool)

Anne Magurran
Reflections on the flooded forest

Franca Eichenberger
Eavesdropping on whales

Valesca de Groot
There's No 20-20 Foresight In a 2020 Field Season

Markus Eichhorn
Song for the Trees

Claudia Tapia Harris
Three birds in the net are worth tears and sweat

Ellen Garland
Bears, Bombs and Belugas

Dagmar der Weduwen
The modern-day Snow White would be an ecologist

Cher Chow
Trial by... fog

Amy Deacon
Snake encounter in the Trinidad Bush

Will Cresswell
You are but mortal, says the whinchat

Damaris Torres-Pulliza
Stuck Between Land and Sea

Evgeni Matveev
Deep Sea Research Without Experience

Claudia Faustino
The joys of unexpected field work

Daniel Gomez Gras
Me, a delicatessen for groupers?

Fritha West
On the Edge

Viviana Brambilla
Love comes from the sea!

Filipe Serrano
King without a crown: bowing to
snakes in the Thai jungle

Samanta Iop
A thrilling and scary encounter

Rick Stuart-Smith
The life of a transect tape

Jon Lefcheck
seagrasses - under appreciated heroes!

Maria Dornelas
the strange incident with the giant clam

Amanda Bates
submarine field expedition

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