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385,990 records in 22 Terrestrial studies on Mammals

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A transect survey of small land carnivore and red fox populations on a subarctic fell in Finnish for 144 records
An 11-year study of small mammal populations at Mont St. Hilaire. Quebec 44 records
Small Mammal Mark-Recapture Population Dynamics at Core Research Sites 16657 records
Long-term monitoring and experimental manipulation of a Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem near Portal. Ari 427 records
Powdermill Nature Reserve monitored small mammal populations from 1979-1999. 35398 records
Seasonal summary of numbers of small mammals on 14 LTER traplines in prairie habitats at Konza Prair 2458 records
Stability in a Multi-Species Assemblage of Large Herbivores in East Africa 117 records
Successional Dynamics on a Resampled Chronosequence Small mammal abundance 118 records
Small Mammal Exclosure Study. Jornada LTER. SMES rodent trapping data 12787 records
Fray Jorge Small Mammals 1989-2005 256469 records
Bats (Mammalia Chiroptera) in restinga in the municipality of Jaguaruna south of Santa Catarina Braz 177 records
Small Mammal Trapping Webs on the Central Plains Experimental Range 1104 records
Plant and small-mammal responses to large-herbivore exclusion in an African savanna 30969 records
Small Mammal Exclosure Study (SMES) 3389 records
Village survey Medium and large mammal survey data 22347 records
Small Mammals and Vegetation Changes After Fire in a Mixed Conifer-Hardwood Forest 214 records
The density of population (ind/1000ha.) of hunting species of mammals in the Republic of Mordovia (C 45 records
Long-term population dynamics of small mammals in the Natural Boundary Morozova Gora (individuals / 48 records
Number of small mammals in Verkhnyaya Angara basin (accounting period since 20.07 to 20.08 individua 59 records
Indicators of abundance (individuals / 100 trap-nights) of different species of small mammals in dif 54 records
Assemblage-level responses of phyllostomid bats to tropical forest fragmentation 1585 records
A large-scale fragmentation experiment for Neotropical bats 1380 records